What We Do

End-to-end Retail Services

Trade Partners can support you with any service required to represent your brand in the FMCG Industry – we can support you for all aspects of growing your business profitably, or individual areas where you could use some extra assistance.

Relationship & Account Management

Building your brand

Trade Partners has a proven track record of success when it comes to either growing existing brands, or launching new brands to market in the FMCG industry. With relationships at all levels with the retailers, and a philosophy of managing your brand as if it were our own, we pride ourselves on the results we have delivered over many years.

Private Label Representation

Understand the opportunity

Partnering with skilled manufacturers from around the world, Trade Partners helps link manufacturers with Private Label opportunities through understanding the process and the tender timelines.  Being embedded within the Retailers Own Brand strategies enables Trade Partners to give manufacturers the guidance required to pitch successfully for Tenders.

Financial Modelling

Ensure Profitability

One of the biggest challenges in the industry is to remain commercially viable. Through the science of the Trade Partners process, commercial modelling and understanding of the industry, it is possible to help structure the financials to contribute towards ensuring business profitability and retailer needs are both met.

With true partnerships and transparency comes great mutual success.

Demand Planning & Inventory Control

Target 100% DIFOT

There is an art to ensuring you have the right level of stock to ensure consistent supply. One of the biggest costs in the industry is having too much stock, creating MLOR, write off and clearance challenges, or having too little stock driving missed sales opportunities and out of stocks. Our demand planning and inventory control function works with both local and international manufacturers to ensure there are the right insights to manage efficient supply.

Vendor Replenishment Planning

Control your operational destiny

A vendor replenishment planner (VRP) or Integrated Supply Planner (ISP) is an Inventory Controller that is based in a retailers head office that manages collaboration between a vendor and the retailer. The benefit in this model is that it gives the brand owner greater access to insights within the retailer to ensure there is stock in the right place at the right time.

Product Sourcing

A global network of manufacturers

Developed over many years in the industry, Trade Partners has a global network of manufacturers to help brand owners and retailers source products where they see a gap in the market. We help connect people and businesses through our network.