We Provide a complete end-to-end FMCG Solution for your brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Partnering your brand on the Australian & New Zealand FMCG Shelves

End-to-end retail services

We can tailor a solution based on your needs to help you grow or launch your brand in FMCG

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Account Management

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Inventory Control

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Our Partners

Our interlinked businesses with distinct capabilities work together to provide a complete FMCG solution. Our model allows you to create a bespoke package tailored to your individual needs by selecting any or all of our services.

The pivot point where retailer, brand owner and shopper intercept, STP is a field activation business comprising both full time employed Sales Representatives and casual Brand Activators.  The sole aim is to execute sales and merchandising to deliver growth for our clients.

The power of crowdsourcing – SmartSpotter is a mobile solution that uses crowdsourcing to gather real-time store insights for brands and improve retail compliance.

DKSH Grocery Connect is all about the Australian Supermarket. DKSH Grocery Connect helps unique products and brands that are often at the cusp of emerging trends secure a place in the supermarket and then grows them once they’re there. DKSH offers a full service model with end-to-end support in relationship management, marketing, logistics, warehousing, and financial management.

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